At Bridletowne Animal Hospital, a Scarborough veterinary hospital, veterinarians emphasize the importance of preventative care with annual wellness examinations. These regular “nose-to-tail” evaluations allow Scarborough veterinarians to examine your pet’s vision, hearing, heart and lung functions, and much more.

Your pet’s examination is tailored to his or her needs at your Scarborough veterinary hospital. These needs change over time as your pet enters different life stages. From birth to one year of age, your pet will require special care from your Scarborough veterinarian to make sure that he or she is on track for a healthy, happy life. Your pet will receive vaccinations, undergo tests, and more. Your Scarborough veterinarian also recommends that your pet be spayed or neutered during the first year of their lives.

From age one to age nine, your pet will transition through youth and mid-life. While many pets at this age may have relatively few medical issues, it is very important to keep up with annual wellness examinations from your Scarborough veterinarian. These examinations are also an opportunity for your pet to receive booster shots for his or her vaccinations.

Your pet enters his or her senior years around age nine. At this stage, wellness examinations become very important. Your pet’s metabolism will slow, and your pet will also become more susceptible to cancer. Regular wellness examinations from your Scarborough veterinarian can spot issues before they become more difficult – and more costly – to treat.

To find out more about the importance of wellness examinations at your Scarborough veterinary hospital, contact Bridletowne Animal Hospital at (416) 491-8706.